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About this page

Paragliding is a beautifull sport. What I like the most about it is the variety of stuff you can specialise into. On this page, I'll talk to you about the differents paragliding disciplines and about great pilots.


J-B Chandelier

That french guy did the most beautifull paragliding video ever. He basically invented precision paragliding. He travel the world to the prettiest places to train his art and produce wonderful pictures.

Andre Bandarra

That dude studied engineering and worked in UK before moving back in portugal. Now he do a lot of smart engineering projects and has a lot of idea to improve the life of regular paraglider pilots. He's as well interested in the dynamic of flying, the groundhandling and all the nerdy stuff.

Chriguel, the eagle from Adelboden.

Since 10 years, that swiss Champion won every edition of the most demanding hike and fly competitions, the red bul x-alps. He is a legend of paragliding. A great pilot. A great weather analyst. A great athlete. All in the same man.


Research and developpement

Without people thinking, developping, improving, engineering the stuff, there would be no sport. It would just be us, primate looking at the sky, dreaming they are birds. It's so fascinating all the physics there is to understand and to master the element that can carry you through the air in a controlled manner.

Race competitions

In this kind of competition, pilots are requested to perform a task. It means going through different areas before landing at the finish line. You have a gps that record your track. To be as fast as possible you must be great at finding thermic winds and fly with optimal efficiency.

Hike and fly

I personnaly was first initialy attracted by this side of paragliding. It's so great to have a nice outdoor day, clibing the mountain and going down with the best perspective possible. But there is as well hike and fly competition for people able to race across the alps from Austria to Monaco just by walking and flying. This kind of competition is the more difficult. You must be a top flyer to fly in all condition and the further possible but also in top shape because sometimes you will have to walk. And of cours you must be good at understanding weather forecast and planning strategic lines.

Precision flying

It's kind of a subcategorie of acrobatic flying where you try to fly close to the ground in an artistic way. The most beautiful videos come from this branch. It's so nice to see the ground passing a few meters under your feets.